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about me

Let's face it, we'll be spending quite a bit of time together on your wedding day, so it's only right we get to know each other! I want you to feel comfortable hanging out and working with me so we can collaborate as friends, not just a videographer. We love capturing your fun, quirky, awkward loving selves, aka "at your best". Oh, and the bloopers are free


Photo by Mo Speer Photography

our story

I've worked as an editor and videographer for the last 6 years of my life and filming weddings has allowed me to connect storytelling to a lifelong hobby and passion of mine; videography. In the off-season, I work for creative agencies, production houses, and all kinds of others as a videographer and editor. Follow me on Instagram to see some of my other commercial and creative work that I've had the pleasure of working on.  


When I'm not shooting weddings or editing through hours of your amazing footage, I'm likely out exploring Milwaukee with my fiancée Bri and our very spoiled dog, Goose. You can usually find me tending to our garden, skating around town, and taking Goose to our neighborhood beach.  Bri is also a photographer and videographer, which allows us to collaborate from time to time. If you get lucky she might even hit the dance floor with the wedding party!


our clients

When we're not shooting weddings these are some of the amazing clients we are working with 

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